Bayou Crown Cajun  House Seasoning
Bayou Crown Cajun  House Seasoning
Bayou Crown Cajun  House Seasoning

Bayou Crown Cajun House Seasoning

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Bayou Crown is made here in the heart of Cajun Country with the same love we Cajuns have for sharing food with family and friends as we pass a good time. My love of cooking began when I was a child cooking with my grandfather and enjoying the cajun life style in his hometown of Chataignier, Louisiana which later lead me to develop this premium cajun blend.

Cajun cooking isn't about heat, it's the building of flavors and stirring love into each and every dish. So add a taste of Cajun to all your favorite dishes using Bayou Crown, from étouffée (eh-too-FAY) to fricassee (FREAK-ah-say) also great as a BBQ and grilling rub and more.


Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion, Red Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder.

Sea Salt.

Black Pepper.


Granulated Garlic.

Granulated Onion.

Red Pepper.

Garlic Powder.

Onion Powder.

Why is Bayou Crown Better

Premium Blend


No Sugar

Only 190 mg of sodium

Made with Sea Salt

Customer Reviews

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Geneva Marie Escoffier
Haven't used the seasoning yet.

I really haven't used the seasoning yet but I tasted it and I am liking it! I will do another review when I actually use it. I'm thinking it will be a great rub!!

Sam Bridges
Good Stuff

Bought this because I try almost every Cajun seasoning I see.
Liked the way this taste and smelled that I used it as a rub on ribs last week.
Has enough onion, garlic and red pepper to be a good rub.